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3 characteristics of rubber products Jul 22, 2016

1, rubber products are made from rubber mixer mixing the raw material made of rubber as a raw material, in rubber, depending on the desired characteristics and design of rubber products, and products needed to set degree of hardness. Product molding rubber vulcanizing press for molding. Products formed after the last Flash treatment, smooth and Burr-free surface treatment products.

2, rubber is hot thermoset elastomers, thermosetting plastics are heat-soluble. Rubber for sulfide species subject to different, their coating curing temperature range, there has been a gap or even due to climate change, indoor temperature and humidity effects. Conditions of production of rubber products, need to make appropriate adjustments at any time, and if not, you may have differences in product quality.

3, rubber molding, after great pressure, its ready it cohesion by elastomers cannot be eliminated, at the time of forming die, tends to produce unstable contraction (shrinkage of the rubber, and vary due to adhesive), required over a period of time, to moderate stability. So, when a rubber product design at the beginning, regardless of composition or die, have to be very carefully tie, and if not, is easy to produce the finished size is unstable, low quality of resulting products.

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