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Bonding process of silicone rubber products issues Jul 22, 2016

In the production process of silicone rubber products, sometimes we will encounter some problems, is to implement some parts of bonding for other industries, bond just use double sided tape can be achieved, but for the silicone industry, has some tips.

Why silicone is difficult to complete bonding? As we can see all kinds of silicone rubber mats, seals and other silicone products due to the silicone itself away from the model, hard to bond with double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive materials such as plastic. This requires the use of a special agent for the treatment of miscellaneous pieces of silicone rubber surface, so that it can be used with double sided tape is tightly attached, the following share bonding techniques.

1. White oil or toluene to clear silicone adhesive double-sided need < grease and water stains >

2. diluent and mix proportion

Note: silicone rubber with different materials. Miscellaneous pieces of silicone silicone additives, rubber processing agents for rubber keypads, they should not be mixed with the wrong, or adhesive double-sided leads after degumming

3. agent evenly on silicone adhesive is required on the regional, uniform smear the silicone is placed in a cool well-ventilated place pending agent-dried

4. air-dry the silicone on the processor, double sided tape attached to the Silicone adhesive double-sided need areas

5. miscellaneous pieces of silicone has been closely bond double sided tape.