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Development of silicone rubber products Jul 22, 2016

1, heat Vulcanized silicone rubber. Developed countries in the world rubber production and consumption has reached a very high level, and developed rapidly. Although in recent years in the HTV's production technology and production capacity has been greatly improved, and some of the production technology of Silicon rubber and products enter the international market. But overall speaking, silicone rubber industry of our country with the international advanced level, there is still not a small gap. Therefore, the development and the creation of larger economic size of HTV silicone rubber compounds and rubber devices, development mix varieties in particular high-quality varieties, to change the mix in the yield and depends on a variety of foreign status, promote China's organic silicon and its related industries technology has a very important meaning.

2, room temperature Vulcanized silicone rubber. In one-component sealant, for example, due to disorderly competition in the market, most of the manufacturers in order to reduce costs, lower-priced materials as the main raw material, Crosslinking agents are mostly used by some plant products, quality of instability, which caused a decline in the overall quality of the final product, performance is affected. High performance sealing rubber mainly used imports and imported products, such as curtain walls structural adhesive and sealant, and so on. These are issues which should be addressed in the future. High performance building sealant and addition-type silicone rubber is the research and development focus. Building sealant focuses on is to improve the surface drying time and curing time and substrate adhesion, especially bonding with the concrete. While achieving continuous production, overcome the production batch blending process stability, larger losses, efficacy is not high. Addition-type silicone rubber mainly to improve their flexibility and transparency, there is the development of one-component addition-type silicone rubber. For other special uses of silicone rubber, as flame retardant silicone rubber irrigation seal material, and high damping silicone rubber, and high resistance corrosion high anti-tore silicone rubber, and anti-electromagnetic interference silicone rubber, and resistance high temperature (350 ℃ above) silicone rubber,, although total of demand not is big, but on China of defense construction and tip technology and economy of development are has not alternative of role, these also need we Xia vigorously gas to development research.

Silicone rubber products testing process: through assessment, samples of the sample separation, instrumental analysis, expert interpretation, the second time five processes, nuclear magnetic resonance analysis, XRD/XRF, IR analyzers, instruments such as GC-MS instrument more than more than 10 Taiwan Solidarity Union, obtain the exact structure of Spectra, paper reduction to guide research and development direction. Micro-HPLC-silicone rubber products recipe testing, ethylene-propylene-diene rubber, Polybutadiene Rubber, acrylic rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber inspection, release agents and other additives for silicone rubber formulations restore provides rubber elongation, tear strength, oxidation resistance, product quality problems, foreign material analysis, quality Diagnostics.