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How to choose gifts? - Business gifts Apr 12, 2017

How to choose gifts?

Festive gifts for the enterprise is a costly and costly thing, but it is also a particularly important and indispensable work. The ultimate goal of corporate gifts is to hope that through the gift for the enterprise to create more value. How can we choose a gift that satisfies the recipient? In today's business community, if we use the business perspective to look at gifts other than family, then they are usually broken down into business gifts, promotional gifts and welfare gifts three categories.

1, business gifts

Business gifts generally have high-end, precision and image characteristics. Usually high-end business meeting participants are a certain height of the identity of the people, there is also a very interesting twenty-eight rule, that is often frequent high-end economic class meetings are usually very refined only a small number of people, Is also a social elite. So business gifts in terms of both the value and the tone are biased high-end, too low-end or too close to the people's gift is not feasible. Business gifts are often through high-end conference forums and other high-level communication behavior to convey and highlight their own brand image.

Common business gifts are:

1, souvenirs (imitation crystal products, cartoon dolls, wood carvings, craft Decoration, exquisite models, craft jewelry, etc.)

2, office supplies (business bags, computer bags, leather business card holder, tie, fine wallet, belt, pen, etc. can also customize U disk, beautiful entertainment player, digital camera, laptop, etc.)

3, leisure supplies (travel packages, film packages, exquisite fishing gear, exquisite Zisha pottery, leisure beach chairs, sports equipment portfolio, etc.)

4, sponsorship items (high-grade red wine, liquor, gift smoke, tea, tea and other high-end products, as well as Jun porcelain ornaments, leather suitcases, shirts, health pillows, home service,

5, lottery items (digital cameras, laptops, high-end mobile phones, wireless optical mouse, car GPRS, MP3, MP4 and other digital electronic items)