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how to choose gifts - promotional gifts Apr 13, 2017

How to choose gifts - promotional gifts

2, promotional gifts

Promotional gifts generally have a low price, the use of large quantities, gifts have enough printing volume, practical, distinctive features.

Common promotional gifts are:

1, display gifts (car anti-mat, coaster, placemat, cup, lunch boxes, sun umbrella and other types)

2, instrumental gifts (magnetic pen, writing board, tool box, tape, rechargeable flashlight, etc.)

3, clothing gifts (uniforms, casual wear and gloves, cotton-padded, etc.)

4, low-value consumables (soap, washing powder, shampoo and hand sanitizer and other cosmetic products, in addition to mineral water, green tea and cola drinks)

5, depending on the type of gift (calendar, New Year, calendar, calendars and calendar notebook, notes and blessing, couplets and the like) 6, decorative gifts (key chain, key chain, magnetic refrigerator, Pvc mobile phone seats and wall stickers, etc.)

Promotional gifts should be accompanied by promotional business activities, companies choose to promote gifts when you need to pay attention to a number of factors:

1. Consumer demand: cultural background, age, preferences, habits, spending power;

2. Market factors: sales channels, product into the period, mature conditions, geographical characteristics, and so on; 3. The enterprise's own conditions: corporate philosophy and brand concept, promotion goals, management status, to be invested, personnel conditions,

4. promotional items of their own factors: appearance, material, process level, quality of work, the use of performance;

5. Time factors: promotional time, design cycle, production cycle, transportation cycle, seasonal characteristics, etc.