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How to take care of your fidget spinner? Jun 29, 2017

Fidget spinner is popular as small toys and gift item. It is portable and easy to play.It is also said to be able to resolve the pressure. Considering the material in this market, spinner will rust and look bad after your paly it. The speed and rotation time will going down. But we still have some tips to refresh your spinner.

Tip 1

Lighter oil can wash dust inside 608 metal bearing And keep it clean.Without dust in main bearing, you spinner will rotate smoothly. The time will not short any more. Just like the first time you play it.

Tip 2

How to help your spinner when the bearing is rust? Alcohol can clean it and maintain it.

Tip 3

If your spinner have ceramic bearing, then it will be more easy to maintain it. Just wash it by water or detergent.

Tip 4

Please note that do not wash metal bearing, like 608 metal bearing, by water or lubricating oil.

Tip 5

Just keep your fidget spinner away from dust after you play it. Like storage in a tinplate box or paper box.

Tip 6

If your bearing is broken, then you need buy a new spinner parts to instead of it.