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Injection technology of silicone products Jul 22, 2016

Silicone products everywhere in our lives, as we have often seen, the silicone used. You know what type of silicone injection process it? Look in detail.

In the manufacturing process of silicone, oil spraying process is an essential step, fuel injection technology is mainly based on the customer's requirements to produce the different feel of silicone.

1. spray-oil processes, spray color oil is to the silicone surface is sprayed with a variety of color that will be visible to the naked eye, basic each silicone oil spray color ink process need to go through a process, spray-oil process also can spray Pu or the extinction process.

2. spray the extinction process, believe that this many people have heard that matte ink is a matte touch ink, like its characteristics and Pu inks, but extinction ink will spray silicone spray to the surface, and can spray a matte effect, more slip handle is also in contrast!

3. Pu spraying processes, Pu is a kind of ink, we commonly referred to as "Pu ink", it has a strong adhesion, wear resistance, good transparency and other characteristics, Pu spraying processes silicone feel will be very good, very wear-resistant, PU injection procedure is a very common injection process and silicone products manufacturers most commonly used processes.