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Lead causes of odor of silicone products Jul 22, 2016

Silicone products everywhere outside life, and brought a lot of convenience to our lives. Silicone products with its good shock absorption ability, insulating efficiency, buffering elastic good, tear-resistant, high temperature, and other advantages, has been widely used for the production, manufacture, transport and other processes, is indispensable for the modernization of production of the product. However, the silicone products, production often leads to unexpected results, causes of odor of silicone products.

(1) touch of oil. The problem may be more surprising, some feel taste of oil is not very heavy, but fuel injection when the operation is finished, but will cause a heavy taste. Diffuse or hair dryer for a period of time after still no changed circumstances, will consider changing this case feel oil types.

(2) curing agents. Curing agent ingredients and formulations can cause odor products, and for this reason a large proportion. Sulfur itself is present, if improper treatment, probably, it will smell appeared. Smell is naturally general users are not accepted.

(3) printing problem if silk screen material, of course, is considering how to make raw materials become smaller or even disappear. Usually you can spread in the production process, and large fan blows. This can effectively reduce the taste of silicone products. If that still doesn't work, then you may want to consider changing the raw material.