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Silicone products have excellent performance Jul 22, 2016

1, tear strength: when force is exerted on the cutting of samples of impeding cuts or nicks spreading resistance. Even cuts in high-torsional stress, hot sulphur solid silicone rubber is not torn. Hot sulphur 9-55 KN/M tearing strength of solid silicone rubber range. Fluorosilicone rubber tear strength ranges between 17.5-46.4 kN/m 11.5-52,000 n/m range between the tear strength of liquid silicone rubber.

2, elongation: usually refers to the "ultimate elongation or when the relative growth of fractures as a percentage of the original length of the sample. Hot sulphur solid silicone rubber elongation range 90-1120. Fluorosilicone rubber between the elongation of 159-699. In the range 220-900% elongation of a liquid silicone rubber. Approaches and type selection of curing agent can change its extension to a large extent. Silicone rubber elongation rate and temperature.

For very wide range of silicone products, mainly used for daily necessities, silicone kitchenware, silicone baby accessories, cell phone accessories (cell phone silicone cover, silicone ear plugs, cell phone silicone, Silicon electronics accessories)

Silicone products in the prevention and treatment of SCAR is how to use it? The form and severity of scarring after injury due to many factors, such as race, heredity, age and injuries, as well as the treatment and healing of wounds, local tensions are ..., specific mechanisms are not clear. For the treatment of hyperplastic scar has proposed a number of ways, such as drug injection and compression therapy, radiation therapy, but its effectiveness has not been completely elucidated. 8O silicone product used for the treatment of scars, 1O years its role has attracted, it opens up a new way for scar treatment.

Silicone watch with wear-resistant, high temperature, no distortion, no poison, no smell, no side effects and so on, and soft, not cracked, the advantages of long life, does not irritate the skin, is a Green eco-friendly jewelry.