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Silicone products high safety Jul 22, 2016

Silica gel is not toxic, but some silica gel mixed with harmful additives,

Silica gel is a highly active adsorbents, an amorphous substance whose chemical formula is mSiO2 • nH2O. Insoluble in any solvent and water, nontoxic tasteless, chemically stable, in addition to strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid does not react with any substance. Various types of silicone because of its different manufacturing methods and different pore structures. The chemical composition and physical structure of silica gel, and determines that it has a number of other similar materials are difficult to replace features: high adsorption and thermal stability, chemical stability, high mechanical strength and so on.

Silicone according to their pore size are: large-pored silica gel, coarse-pored silica gel, b type, fine-pored silica gel. Because of differences in pore structures and adsorption properties so they have different characteristics. Macro-pored silica gel in the case of high relative humidity has a high adsorption capacity, fine-pored silica gel adsorption amount in the case of low relative humidity higher than the coarse-pored silica gel, while type b silica gel as between the pore structure of the coarse and fine-pored silica gel, its between the adsorption of coarse and fine hole. Macroporous silica gel as catalyst carrier, matting agents, abrasive toothpaste etc. So choose according to the different uses of different varieties.

After silica gel adsorption of moisture, you can use the exposure, baking and drying methods, such as burning regeneration.


Silicone is primarily composed of silicon dioxide, chemically stable and nontoxic.

Silica gel has strong adsorption, drying to the skin. If the silicone into the eye, rinse needs plenty of water and seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Blue silicone due to the presence of a small amount of cobalt chloride, toxic, and food contact and inhalation should be avoided, such as poisoning occurs should seek medical treatment immediately.

The main use of silicone products:

By silica gel adsorption sealed packaging has strong adsorption can respond quickly and effectively to the water, chemically stable, innocuous features, coupled with continued innovation and development in recent years, a variety of silicone has been widely used for drug purification, DNA isolation, food drying, high-precision electronics, beer, cosmetics, sewage purification purification, production or saving of advanced coatings and resins. In our daily life and production and operation activities, silicone products factory to introduce silica gel is often used in the following areas:

Drying mould proof packaging of precision optical instruments, electronic appliances;

Leather drying, such as placed in leather, leather bag, shoes play a role in drying quality;

Food drying, see more on cookies and fried foods, to keep food crisp.