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Silicone products in life to do Jul 22, 2016

Use silicone products have strong adsorption adsorption in sealed packaging can respond quickly and effectively to water and chemically stable, innocuous features, coupled with continued innovation and development in recent years, has been widely used for drug purification, DNA isolation, food drying, high-precision electronics, beer, cosmetics, sewage purification purification, production or saving of advanced coatings and resins. In we daily and production business activities in the, silicone products was often for following several aspects: precision optical instrument, and electronic electrical of dry mold packaging; leather dry aspects, as placed Yu leather, and skins, and shoes within up to dry quality of role; silicone production manufacturers food dry aspects, Dongguan Silicon rubber products more found in put in cookies and the fried class food in the, Dongguan rubber factory to guarantee food crisp; drug dry aspects, put Yu bottle within, ensure drug extended shelf life Container drying: transport container form at different latitudes in "rain," silica gel desiccant suppliers if you use silicone products, it can absorb the equivalent of its own weight of water, ocean transport for up to 50 days to the process, can effectively lower the dew point and the phenomenon of condensate container control. Hotels by category, such as placed in the wardrobe, shoes and bed, and odor adsorption, keep the air dry and fresh.

Now many silicone products, silicone bracelet, silicone gasket, silicone wallet, Silicone Bakeware, silicone glue fruit basket, silicone gloves, silicone ice tray, silicone cake mold is good choice for daily use at home. Silicone products used in cell phone silicone cover is also very good, silicone phone case has been one of the main use of silicone products.