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Types of silicone formulation Jul 22, 2016

1. check formula

Also called standard formula, or a determined formula. It used for silicone, cooperation of function evaluation, quality evaluation and grading tests. China and many countries in developing and using such formulations, international norms have been developed with the use of this formula trapped, with authority. Sometimes. companies (both raw material supply and demand) may also discuss the development and application of such a quality collection) of the formula. Literature 6, 7 recording of the silicone and some standard formula of cooperation agents,

Reference and use.

2. function formula

Also known as skill (or research) formula. With rubber, amount of cooperative agents, on the one hand, certain combinations, probes them with rubber-processing functions, interconnected rubber chemical function of (positive) on the other, based on this study, for the application of silicone products, processes to develop formulations may seek new cooperation for improving certain functions (reverse). This recipe, from the "forward" and "reverse ' reinforces formula designers know about the composition of function-related links.

3. products, recipes

Also known as useful (or produce) formula. Laboratory accreditation on the basis of the function in the formula made, contact industrial production facts, actual usage, cost factors, such as adjusted, after all, receive useful formula factory. No doubt, implementation of products, recipes and products of the investigation, will make all products using the function know about contact with the rubber chemical function.