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What causes ageing of silicone products Jul 22, 2016

1, the action of heat, raise the temperature can be caused by thermal cracking or thermal Crosslinking of silicone products. But the heat's basic role is activation. Enhance oxygen diffusion oxidation reaction rate and activation, so as to accelerate the rate of oxidation of rubber, which is a universal aging--aging.

2, the role of oxygen, with oxygen in rubber rubber molecule a free radical chain reaction, rupture or excessive cross-linking molecular chain, causing changes in properties of Silicon rubber products.

3, the light of reason, greater the shorter the waves, energy. Damage to the rubber is a high energy ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light in addition to directly cause faults and Crosslinking of rubber molecules chains, a rubber due to absorption of light energy and producing free radicals, caused and accelerated oxidation chain reaction process.

4, the effects of ozone, ozone chemistry of reactive oxygen species is much higher, more damage, it also is to make the chain breaks, but the effect of ozone on rubber deformation of rubber or not is different.

5, the role of water, and water has two aspects: silicone rubber products in rain or moist air while soaking in water, easy to destroy, which is water soluble in rubber material and removal of water extraction in Shui Quan and other ingredients are dissolved.

6, mechanical stress, in the presence of mechanical stress repeatedly, will break the rubber molecules chains generate You Liquan, causing oxidation chain reaction, forming chemical processes.

7, other causes include chemical media, variable Valence metal ions and high-energy radiation, and biological.