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Adhesive Phone Wallet For Mobile Payment Oct 09, 2017

Mobile payment is also known as mobile payment (MobilePayment), the transaction for both some kind of goods or services, the use of mobile phones as a carrier, through the mobile communication network to complete a payment behavior. Adhesive Phone Wallet

In short, it is a way of allowing mobile users to use their mobile terminals (usually mobile phones) to pay for the goods or services they consume. Customers can use SMS, WAP, client and other forms, the use of mobile phone number, payment cards, bank cards and other payment accounts, to provide billing payments, mobile phone recharge, utility fees, order merchandise services, self-help financial, brush mobile phone Consumption and other mobile phone self-service.Adhesive Phone Wallet

The first way: the fee is charged directly through the mobile phone bill, the user in the payment of their mobile phone bill at the same time to pay this fee, in this way, the mobile operator to provide credit for the user, but this way the charge makes the move Operators have a super-scope of the financial business suspected, must obtain the national regulatory authorities permission, and to pay a small amount, so its payment is limited to download mobile phone ringtones and other limited business. The fee is deducted from the user's bank account (ie, debit account) or credit card account. In this way, the mobile phone is only a transmission channel for interactive information, and the user's bank account number or credit card number is connected with his / her mobile phone number.Adhesive Phone Wallet

Mobile-based mobile payments continue to heat up around the world, and their applications are highly valued by mobile operators and service providers. The advantages of mobile payment are: mobile payment has a huge potential user groups; mobile portability to carry out a variety of mobile payment services to provide a basis; the same time, with mobile communication network, mobile payment can be anytime, anywhere, across time and region limits. Based on the smart card technology, smart card and mobile phone together, with the transaction security, rapid features, is the current mobile payment technology development direction.Adhesive Phone Wallet