Adhesive Phone Wallet Main Consumer Groups
- May 25, 2017 -

Can not deny that 'wallet phone' application to people's lives has brought great convenience, the global mobile phone will support this application. People usually always carry a mobile phone, Adhesive Phone Wallet mobile phone payment function will give users a lot of convenience.

NTTDoCoMo as early as 2004 on the introduction of the so-called "wallet mobile phone service", KDDI and Softbank subsequently launched a similar service. Nokia has also launched a mobile phone that supports such services in overseas markets. Adhesive Phone Wallet The age group between 20-39 years old is the main user group of mobile payment services. Research shows that as long as you try once, consumers will often use mobile payment services. Enterprises can use the service to track the user's shopping habits. Adhesive Phone Wallet McDonald's Japan and 7-11 convenience stores have been conducting discounts on mobile discount coupons; Sony and DoCoMo co-founded FeliCaNetworks have launched a mobile platform that retailers can offer similar services on the platform. "Many Japanese mobile phone users are using the 'wallet phone', and we can not ignore their potential as a marketing tool," Adhesive Phone Wallet said McDonald 's spokeswoman KazuyukiHagiwara.

Although in Japan and other countries, Adhesive Phone Wallet mobile phone wallet and other functions have been relatively wide range of applications, Adhesive Phone Wallet but in addition to some sporadic trials in the country, it seems that we are still far away from us. With the close cooperation of the leading provider of close communication (NFC) forum Nokia and Guangzhou, Xiamen and Beijing and other relevant departments, Adhesive Phone Wallet mobile payment will be officially put into commercial use in China. Among them, as a support terminal Nokia has been in Guangzhou, Xiamen and other cities on sale. Which most of the consumer wallet consumers for young people and business people.

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