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Adhesive Phone Wallet Maintenance Method Sep 13, 2017

     Wallet is the package of money, is our daily life the most important small package, choose the wallet to suit their own identity, but also to reflect their own personality. The right wallet style reflects your fashion index. Dazzling color, good texture. Wallet the money and bank cards, credit cards and other monetary tools collected together in a small bag, easy to carry use, usually the size of the slap. Today's wallet can be used in addition to the role of accessories or as a home photo clip. Wallet According to its style can be divided into large wallet, short wallet.Adhesive Phone Wallet

     Large wallet with oblong shape, long length. If you have more stuff and put it in your bag, it is advisable to choose medium-long packages. For shorter packages, the medium-long package is also more atmospheric. Short-cut wallet length and width are shorter, generally close to the square, if the money is often packaged pocket, then the small wallet appropriate. The cleanliness of the wallet is a matter of note when cleaning your wallet, you need to choose a clean brush or clean cotton cloth according to the material of your wallet, so that your wallet is not compromised by the wrong cleaning method.Adhesive Phone Wallet

    Leather Wallet If the use of leather cleaning agent wipe, general wiping glasses cloth is cheap and good helper, will not scrape the wallet, evenly daub can make wallet restore luster. And that usually used at both ends of a gray-white pencil, Atomic pen dual-use eraser, can be used as a cleaning tool for the suede bag, if slightly dirty, use the General Eraser Pencil White eraser gently wipe remove; serious dirty, can be wiped off the end of the Gray eraser pen, the reason is that the friction is stronger, but the hands are lighter, So as not to damage the purse.Adhesive Phone Wallet

    And clean nylon material package and cloth bread, can be used without dripping wet cloth lightly pressed purse surface, in addition to silk, silk and satin of the package, you can try to brush with toothpaste to do local cleaning. But regardless of any of the material's wallets, after cleaning should be placed in the ventilation place shade, do not want to take to the sun quickly, because after the clean water after the purse, is the most vulnerable, sudden high temperature irradiation, will cause the wallet fade or leather hardens, brittle. How to maintain your wallet Adhesive Phone Wallet