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Adhesive Phone Wallet Payment Method Oct 31, 2017

Mobile micro-payment refers to the way of fund payment by means of mobile communication, this kind of payment mechanism has special system requirements, under the precondition of satisfying certain security, it requires less information transmission, lower management and storage requirement, that is, speed and efficiency requirements are relatively high. 

Mobile wallet business refers to the development of China Mobile based on radio frequency Identification Technology (RFID) micro-electronic wallet business.Adhesive Phone Wallet 

After the user handles the business, can use the handset in the China Mobile cooperation merchant to carry on the POS machine credit card expense. Mobile phone bag is actually a kind of mobile micro-payment scheme.Adhesive Phone Wallet

The campus payment system based on mobile wallet adopts three-layer structure, which is applied layer, network layer and data link layer, each layer has mature technology at present.Adhesive Phone Wallet 

The data link layer is mainly through the hardware support to the payment system student data, payment data collection, modification and deletion, the identity of the payer and the rights of the unified demonstration, can be used RFID (radio frequency Identification), AFIC (fingerprint automatic identification) technology, the former and mobile phone integrated RFID technology is mainly NFC ( Close-range communication), Simpass (dual-interface SIM cards) and Rf-sim (mobile smart card technology that enables short-range wireless communication).Adhesive Phone Wallet

Application layer is built on campus payment system of any application development, there is a strong scalability, users can according to their needs to develop application software, in order to achieve data management, payment management, identity identification, test system. In particular, the Intelligent mobile software development (such as Android development, etc.) 

into the information application system, can achieve the school, parents, students, such as the three-party interactive platform for the development and research of non-payment systems, to achieve the maximum effect of education and teaching.Adhesive Phone Wallet