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Adhesive Phone Wallet Testing Process Oct 20, 2017

Silicone glue ingredient testing process: After the sample is separated, combined with evaluation, sample separation, instrument detection, expert spectrum, comprehensive verification five steps, using NMR popper, XRD/XRF, IR analyzer, temperament, etc. dozens of analytical instruments together, to get the correct spectrogram data, clear raw material composition, auxiliary cost reduction.Adhesive Phone Wallet

The biggest drawback of acrylamide glue is that the strength is not enough and the drying speed is fast in construction, the main reason is that it has not fully played its effect by the reaction of sulfuric acid amine, and has wasted a lot of acrylamide. Polyvinyl alcohol has strength because its molecular structure is reticular.Adhesive Phone Wallet

In order to improve the strength of acrylamide, it is necessary to improve its efficiency by starting with its reinforcing agent. We have done countless research experiments and actual production operations, always in the success of research and development of a new type of enhancer, it can improve the molecular structure of acrylamide, greatly improve the strength of the glue and make the drying speed of the construction significantly reduced, water protection performance is very good, construction will never appear dry too fast, picking up skin and other undesirable conditions.Adhesive Phone Wallet is not formaldehyde to boil the latest technology, formaldehyde-free, non-toxic, tasteless, no volatile harmful gases. Boil process simple, one-time completion of complete reaction, winter and summer to put long gel. High viscosity, strong viscosity (sticking plaster sticks), easy construction, monotonous big powder talc powders, two times three times. Adhesive Phone Wallet

Not roll skin, strong water resistance. Winter and Summer gel, easy storage, long storage time (more than a year), good film-forming. The water can be used as the base material of latex paint. Reduce the cost, the same solid content performance increased by 20%.Adhesive Phone Wallet

Formula: Raw material mix ratio (single consumption per percentage) cost of raw materials/ton polyvinyl alcohol (2499-2899) 4% hydrochloric acid 0.2%: Glue agent 0.04% tablets alkali vector thickening Agent 0.02% glue film Enhancer 0.3%-1.5% production process: (in 1 ton reactor)Adhesive Phone Wallet