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Air Vent Card Holder You Know About The Ventilation System Sep 22, 2017

     For just using the front-mounted pneumatic chuck, the hydraulic chuck, hydraulic chuck customers must pay attention to the following issues, the life of our Chuck has a good extension of the role of the General Service life of the Chuck is more than 3 years (very few customers of the card plate do not pay attention to the use, a few months will make the card plate necrosis,), The normally protected chuck can be used for up to 5-10 years.Air Vent Card Holder

     Chuck first use must play butter, we usually use twice times, can reduce the weight. There is no limit to the use of butter, the high speed must be cooled with butter. For the daily work of the Chuck, commute 1 minutes, with a hair dryer to clean the work of iron dregs, grease and so on. In the front-mounted chuck, the Vice claw or the barrel clamp, in the clamping workpiece 100,000 and around, it is recommended to replace a new pair of claw, in favor of the accuracy of the maintenance.Air Vent Card Holder

     When the sending and exhaust system is set in the same room or plant, the ventilation effect depends on whether the airflow distribution can be properly organized and the improper arrangement will cause two pollution of indoor air. The principle that the ventilation system must obey is mainly; fresh air must first be sent to the work area, and then said the contaminated areas, ventilation system set in close to the source of a case; the fresh air inlet and exhaust outlet should not be disposed on the same side wall to avoid inhalation of harmful substances that are contaminated and not diffused.Air Vent Card Holder

     The ventilation of the braking system, as the name suggests, for the braking of the ventilation, usually for the front wheel brake, the majority of the current vehicle is the use of disc brakes, is the brake chuck through the brake pads on the force of the brake disc to achieve the entire process of braking, with the continuous upgrading of engine horsepower, vehicle braking requirements are increasingly high , the highest heat concentration in the driving area except the engine is the brakes, and for its ventilation and cooling is also very important, if the braking system is too high temperature can cause the brakes are slow or even failure.Air Vent Card Holder