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Application Of Air Vent Card Holder Oct 31, 2017

When the machine tool is clamped, the end of the workpiece is clamped with a three-jaw self centering chuck, and the other end of the top top of the clamping method is called a clamp, in order to prevent the role of the feed force to make the axial displacement of the workpiece can be in the spindle front cone hole to install a limit support, but also can use the steps of the workpiece to limit the position. This method is safe, reliable and can withstand larger feeding force, so it is widely used.Air Vent Card Holder

The fixed top is characterized by good rigidity and centering accuracy, but the center hole between the top and the workpiece is sliding friction, it is easy to produce too much heat and the central hole or the top "burnout", especially the ordinary fixed top is more likely to appear such problems. Therefore, the fixed-top is only suitable for the workpiece with high low-speed machining accuracy.Air Vent Card Holder

The rotary top can make the sliding friction between the top and center hole become the rolling friction of the top internal bearing, overcomes the shortcoming of the fixed top, so it can work normally under the high rotational speed, the application is very extensive. However, due to the existence of a certain assembly cumulative error, and the wear of rolling bearings will make the top of the radial round, thus reducing the centering accuracy.Air Vent Card Holder 

The length of the step can be measured with a steel ruler, a vernier caliper or a vernier depth ruler. It is convenient to measure step length with steel ruler, and the line value of steel ruler (the distance between two lines) has L and 0. 512 kinds. When measuring, the readings below the engraved line value cannot be read accurately and can be read visually, so it can only be used for the measurement of workpieces with rough roughing or precision requirements.Air Vent Card Holder

The tailstock of the machine tool plays the role of drilling and supporting workpiece in turning process. The tailstock is composed of tailstock body, base and sleeve. The taper hole of the tailstock sleeve has a self-locking effect after the top 5 is installed because of the small taper. The top is used to support long workpieces. The quality analysis of the drilling center hole of the machine tool. Because the diameter of the center drill is smaller. It is very easy to have various problems when drilling the center hole.Air Vent Card Holder