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Convenience Of Silicone Phone Stand With Card Holder Oct 09, 2017

The so-called car phone stand, you can use the most comfortable way to use, the most simple, easy to use digital stent, pay attention to user experience, excellent structural design, according to ergonomic, man-machine design concept of participation, so that driving users Get a better user experience.Silicone Phone Stand With Card Holder

Car mobile phone bracket is to facilitate the driver on the way to the mobile phone placed in the appropriate location, and easy to win or direct operation, convenience and safety is the basic requirements. Car mobile phone stent mainly in the following fixed way: instrument table sucker.Silicone Phone Stand With Card Holder

 As the first generation of mobile phone stent, the drawback is sucker is not strong, easy to drop the phone; the advantages of the instrument table position optional, placed in their own feel the most comfortable position; Installed on the front windshield, the disadvantage is to block the line of sight, unsafe; the advantages of snake bar structure, easy to adjust the angle; Installed in the air conditioning outlet position, the disadvantage is due to different models, fixed structure and location is limited, can not rotate and adjust the angle; the advantages of fixed and reliable.Silicone Phone Stand With Card Holder

Magnetic 360 degree rotating mobile phone stand. Installed in the convenience of the driver to operate any plane position, the shortcomings of the magnetic field will affect the mobile phone magnetic field, paste will be taken under the Indian will have the advantage of small, flexible, non-blocking line of sight, one hand can win the answer. Silicone or other anti-skid bracket, shortcomings can not adjust the direction of the phone is not solid enough fixed, the advantages of fixed and easy to remove the phone.Silicone Phone Stand With Card Holder

Support frame strong and powerful, will not shake, drop, and adjustable angle, coupled with different folder car and table are available. Currently on the market more types of car bracket.Silicone Phone Stand With Card Holder