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How To Disassemble The Silicone Phone Stand With Card Holder Sep 22, 2017

     Creative self-supporting USB socket with folding bracket. This is a USB socket that can be embedded in the wall, convenient for a variety of more and more USB devices charge, this socket with a collapsible small shelf, when needed can be opened, just can be used to place the charge of the mobile phone, and when not in use, it is convenient!Silicone Phone Stand With Card Holder

     The handset bracket enables us to watch the video conveniently on the table, however, the mobile phone bracket after a period of time is bad, this time should be replaced, but to the original mobile phone bracket to take down is a troublesome matter, after all, the stickiness of the handset bracket is too strong, this thing is not easy to take down. So how do you quickly and safely remove the handset bracket?Silicone Phone Stand With Card Holder

    First of all, we need to take down the shell of the phone, because next we have to put the phone shell in the water. Warm。 After all, the stickiness of the cell phone shell is too big, we need to take one side and soak it in the water, so that it can slow down the sticky, convenient to take down. Of course, the hot water is better, but it must be to ensure that your hands can be put down under the premise of the line.Silicone Phone Stand With Card Holder

    A bank card, or something thinner and more stiff. Carefully observe the handset bracket we can find that the handset bracket is actually one of the sticky sponge handle shell to the sticky. We need to put the bank card in the cell phone shell to the gap between the stent, constant friction, just at the beginning we must have patience, and later found that some sticky sponge will fall. Of course, this operation is carried out in the water. When you see a lot of sponges falling down, keep rubbing in one direction and grind the sponges from the other corners.Silicone Phone Stand With Card Holder