Last Year The National Toy Retail Sales Amounted To 65 Billion Yuan
- Apr 12, 2017 -

Last year the national toy retail sales amounted to 65 billion yuan


Yao Jiali



The 14th Guangzhou International Toy & Model Exhibition and the 8th Guangzhou International Baby Stroller and Baby Products Fair in Guangzhou have come to an end in Guangzhou. Reporters learned from the organizers on the 11th, this exhibition attracted 1068 Chinese and foreign exhibitors to bring tens of thousands of new products with the show. Among them, the international exhibition area has a greater growth, gathered from the United States, the Netherlands, Mexico, Germany, South Korea, Spain and other countries and regions exhibitors. The new type of products and procurement needs reflect the trend of China's toy industry this year, virtual physical toys, children's robots and other high-profile, toys, "high-tech" content has gradually escalated.

Customs figures show that in 2016 the country's total imports of toy products about 1.069 billion US dollars, an increase of 22.96% over 2015. Internationally renowned players play the recent action further shows that the momentum of imported toys continued upward. The United States and Thailand can be described as full firepower, and vigorously explore the Chinese market, has with Alibaba, baby tree and other Internet companies, on the one hand in-depth penetration of network marketing channels, on the other hand with the popularity of maternal and child sites to tap this market user needs and consumption habit. In addition, Lego Jiaxing factory officially put into operation, Hasbro and a number of Chinese enterprises to become strategic partners, showing foreign brands to open up the ambitions of the Chinese market.

Guangdong Province Toy Association, said the person in charge, thanks to a comprehensive two children policy open, the number of domestic neonatal last year, the highest increase in the century, rising demand for baby products, the national toy retail sales also increased 8.3% to 65 billion yuan, the market The potential to further release, industry, market prospects are still broad. However, the concept of global consumers in the change, spending power gradually increased, the requirements of the toy is also higher, creative, high-quality products have the opportunity to become the new darling of the market.

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