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Silicone Phone Wallet Analysis Of The Nature Of Silica Gel Oct 20, 2017

Ordinary thermal conductivity silica gel into the aluminium and so on, high thermal conductivity of silica gel to add boron nitride and other heat conductive substances.Silicone Phone Wallet 

Thermal conductivity of silicone adhesive or potting materials manufacturers can generally be produced according to the needs of different thermal conductivity, curing speed, viscosity, color, soft hardness, such as thermal conductivity of silicon Film (PAD) manufacturers can generally be produced according to the needs of different shapes of products. The typical thermal conductivity silicone adhesive is a one-component room temperature curing adhesives, depending on the contact with water molecules in the air and solidified. The typical thermal conductivity silicone potting material is two-component, which includes both additive and condensed types.Silicone Phone Wallet

Thermal conductivity Silica Gel is a RTV adhesive, at room temperature can be cured a potting adhesive, and the biggest difference is thermal conductivity silicone can be cured, there is a certain bonding performance. The structure of the process of the bridge to reduce the heat sink and heat dissipation structure of the process of the difference requires the effect of sound absorption, installation, testing, reusable convenience.Silicone Phone Wallet

Thermal Silica gel as a thermal conductivity material, can quickly absorb heat, and can emit heat. The higher the thermal conductivity of the thermal silica gel, the more effective the heat emitted by your processor is transmitted to the radiator. Many common heat conduction products use silica Gel as the basic material of heat conduction. Because their conductivity is very weak. More and more of the conductive silica gel, will be doped with many metal compounds, for example, the legendary Arctic silver. In order to obtain a strong thermal conductivity, it will be in the heat conductive silica mixed 99.99% of sterling silver.Silicone Phone Wallet