Silicone Phone Wallet New Service
- May 25, 2017 -

Silicone mobile wallet business refers to China Mobile's development of radio frequency identification technology (RFID) based on the small electronic wallet business. Users to apply for the business, Silicone Phone Wallet you can use mobile phones in China Mobile cooperation business for POS machine credit card spending.

After the user opened the silicone mobile phone wallet business, in the China Mobile business office to replace a silicone mobile phone wallet card (support for RFID-specific SIM card, the card than the original SIM card to increase the terminal credit card function), Silicone Phone Wallet you can use the phone in China Mobile dedicated POS machine business (such as convenience stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, public transport) to carry out on-site credit card spending. Easy to pay, random consumption


It is China Mobile is about to launch a new service, this business is a combination of payment services to the various functions of a new service, Silicone Phone Wallet it is a bank card account for financial support, mobile phone trading tool for the business, that is, Users in the bank's account and the user's global mobile phone number binding, through the phone short message, IVR, WAP and other means, the user can operate the binding account to achieve shopping consumption, payment, transfer, account balance query and can Through the SMS and other means to get notice of the transaction results and account changes notice. "Silicone mobile phone wallet" is the mobile phone and credit card two high-tech products together, evolved into a new payment tool for users to provide safe, Silicone Phone Wallet convenient and stylish means of payment.

Silicone Phone Wallet Support business includes: mobile calls from the pay, recharge, charge charge, call to pay, mobile phone lottery, mobile phone donations, calls balance inquiries, bank card balance inquiries.

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