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Silicone Phone Wallet Silicone Property Oct 31, 2017

The choice of open form and the choice of die line is very important, one is to obtain the mold convenience, second, the mold line should be selected in the product does not affect the overall effect, the third is not to affect product quality, such as the water features of the mold line location is too high, sealing die line when the material is much, product cracking is easy to appear;Silicone Phone Wallet 

In order to prevent the silicone flow around the mold with wood or plank fixed in a rule range, the opening die with wood and sludge separated from the first part of the mold, the requirements of sludge and mold between the no gap between the oily surface smooth and flat.Silicone Phone Wallet

After preparation of the above work, then apply Vaseline or spray the release agent in plaster mold or mold, smooth products require the use of a clean cotton cloth with vaseline evenly coated in the mold, to maintain 30 minutes to allow the full absorption of Vaseline, and then use a clean cotton cloth to clean the surface of the mold, the requirements of the surface bright While the texture of the product as long as evenly coated with Vaseline can be a formula to adjust the silica gel.Silicone Phone Wallet 

Silicone deployment should be in accordance with the irregular direction of stirring, so that the curing agent and silica gel fully mixed, as far as possible to reduce the air into the rubber, smooth products best in the first layer of plastic coating when a vacuum, vacuum requirements of -0.1Mpa to maintain 7-8 seconds.Silicone Phone Wallet

Mold silicone Rubber (mold silicone, mold rubber, silicone rubber, silica gel) and hardening agent mixed with the reaction at room temperature, and release of low molecular alcohol, in order to make alcohol molecule out of colloid, need to be in the negative pressure bubble 1-3 minutes. can also be used without the use of equipment (mainly depending on the experience of the operation of the mold) multilayer brushing die, should follow the internal, middle and external curing at the same time appropriate. The dosage of curing agent is relatively small, the reaction time is lengthened, the reaction is sufficient, colloid is good, so the dosage of curing agent is better than inside less.Silicone Phone Wallet 

Brush the first layer (inner layer) before brushing the second layer. Operation Time 30-50 minutes, disassembly time 10-15 hours. Maintenance time 24 hours. Pay attention to brushing the first to second layer after the best add such as mold cloth, this can greatly improve the service life of the die (but must not use fiberglass cloth, otherwise it is easy to cause the whole mold scrap).Silicone Phone Wallet

Soft mold After the completion of the production of gypsum or glass fiber reinforced plastic jacket to support the silicone soft mold Note: 1, die-line selection: Select in the position does not affect the appearance of the product, select the position of easy to process after grouting, select the mold itself easy to disassemble the location of the product is not easy to Must not be to drive production progress blindly increase the dosage of hardener, otherwise it will greatly reduce the service life of silicone mold.Silicone Phone Wallet