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Technology Application Of Silicone Phone Wallet Sep 22, 2017

     Mobile wallet is a new generation of SIM cards using RFID technology. In addition to the fully compatible SIM card's original communication business function, the card also has close-range, non-contact, micro-consumption card payment function, but also provides a wealth of online payment business. Silicone Phone Wallet

     At the same time, in order to protect the safety of customers, China Mobile Rfid-sim mobile phone wallet card to provide a card distance calibration service. After the card has been calibrated from the card, it can effectively control the card at different terminals to apply the card distance, to ensure that your use of security, so that you enjoy the credit card consumption fun.Silicone Phone Wallet

    Mobile Wallet air calibration services through the entire network port number 10658004 access, with automatic, fast, free features. The calibration operation is automatically initiated and processed by the card, the user only needs to reply the brand model to confirm the SMS to finish the card distance calibration easily. China Mobile also in the major business hall to provide a mobile wallet card on-site calibration services, through the business hall dedicated equipment, for your card and mobile phone set the most suitable personality card distance parameters. When you are in use to feel the current application of the card distance is not ideal, you can at any time in the mobile business Hall calibration cell phone card distance to the best.Silicone Phone Wallet

    Mobile wallet refers to the use of SMS, WAP or IVR communication, two-dimensional code, RFID, USSD and other methods to purchase goods, inquiry account information, to achieve mobile e-commerce payment of personal financial information services. The mobile wallet business's payment account includes the charge account and the bank card account, the telephone bill payment refers to carries on the payment operation by the handset charge Silicone Phone Wallet

     The bank card payment refers to the mobile phone number and the bank card or the Passbook account (hereinafter referred to as "the bank card") to bind, through the bank card account Payment can be realized functions: the purchase of Game Digital card, mailbox payment, software payment, purchase insurance, electronic magazine, lottery betting.Silicone Phone Wallet